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Self-Storage Tips

Serving Richmond, Berkeley, Alameda, Oakland, Marin County, California & Surrounding Areas

Storing your belongings can be more complicated than many people realize. An amount of planning is needed if you're to make the most of your storage space and make sure nothing gets damaged during transit and storage.
Storage Tips
PayLess offers their Marin County, Sonoma County and Oakland customers the following storage tips:
1. Make packing for storage easier on yourself by planning ahead.
Start by listing all the items you're going to store and their approximate sizes. Also, gather up plenty of sturdy, corrugated cartons, packing paper, bubble wrap, sealing tape and marker pens, along with any furniture covers or shelving you intend to use in your storage unit. We sell a large selection of moving boxes and other essentials.
2. Secure all your items in the moving truck.
We provide ropes and bungees for securing your items while in transit from your home to PayLess. Packing heavy items near the front of the truck will help keep your belongings from shifting.
3. Pack heavy items such as books and tools in small boxes.
For easier handling, limit the weight of all cartons, regardless of size, to 30lbs or less.
4. Label all boxes.
Clearly label boxes so you know their contents. Also mark clearly all boxes containing fragile items.
5. Leave room to access your belongings if needed.
Leave small walkways between the boxes and furniture in your storage unit so you can easily get to the items you want without having to move anything around.
6. Pack books flat to protect their spines.
Use smaller sized boxes for books and fill empty spaces with packing paper.
7. Keep your boxes in your storage unit from collapsing.
If you're storing a lot of packing boxes in your unit, try to fill them to the top, even if it's just with padding and old, crumpled newspapers. Boxes that are only half-filled tend to collapse if anything's placed on them.
8. Protect chair legs by wrapping them in packing paper.
Leave slipcovers on upholstered chairs and cover them with plastic chair covers.
9. PayLess provides boxes and other moving materials.
When you're looking for moving boxes, keep in mind that boxes made from corrugated cardboard are stronger than regular boxes and are better suited to handle both heavier and more delicate items.
10. Pack lamps and lampshades in individual boxes.
Use plenty of clean paper or clothing for padding.
Under no circumstances should you keep anything flammable or combustible in your storage building. This means no gasoline, oil, cleaning fluids or paint thinner. If you're storing any machinery that runs on gas, drain the tank before you store it.