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Climate-Controlled Storage in Alameda, Berkeley, Oakland and Marin County, California

Climate-Controlled Storage

Preserving Your Memories

Storage lockers and units allow you to keep important items and documents safe while saving space in your home. Many people store items permanently, while others keep their items there only during home remodels or big moves. Either way, choosing to store your mementos with us gives you the assurance that your most important possessions will stay safe and secure.

Temperature and Humidity Control

Some of your stored items might be valuable, environmentally sensitive or just sentimental. For these items, choosing a climate-controlled storage unit provides you with options to customize your unit. Climate-controlled storage units are dust and pest resistant, and regulate temperature and humidity levels. Keep your valuables safe from damage by storing them in a controlled environment.

Protect Your Investments

When you purchase something, you’ve made an investment, and we believe those investments should be cared for. The items you store might be valuable, rare or hold sentimental value, therefore becoming irreplaceable. Should these items become damaged, the cost of replacing them would be extremely high, if not impossible. Protecting them from damage, however, gives you a much more affordable option.

Rooms to Fit Your Needs

At PayLess Self Storage, we’ve got climate-controlled storage rooms in all shapes and sizes. That means you can choose the option that best fits your needs, and your stuff. Contact our office today to request a quote and ask about our current availability. Our friendly team will answer your questions, and our experienced drivers will help you move. Call us today to get started.

Keep your precious items safe and secure by storing them in a pest-free, climate-controlled environment. Your items will stay long lasting, and you’ll be able to access them anytime you need. Contact us today to get started.